1. I sooooo want that bag too!!!
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  2. It is simply stunning!
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  3. Here
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  4. Thanks ren007. It's all that!
  5. My small Antigona. Bought 3 days ago! IMG_4902.JPG
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  6. This. Bought last week. The color is AMAZING.
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    image.jpg :smile: :smile: :smile: My messenger... . It holds ALOT!!! No Wallet needed for me with this bag :smile: :smile:
  8. love the color
  9. My last bag was from the end of August. My Coach Bandit ️

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  10. Can you tell me what color Antigona that is? It's gorgeous!
  11. Hi!

    I'm not sure what the color is.. At least, I don't know what it's officially called.

    Sorry I'm not so helpful. =(
  12. Thank you! I found it on Evil Bay :biggrin:
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  13. IMG_9838.JPG Ferragamo tapered Sofia
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  14. IMG_0513.JPG My birthday gift. LV Girolata in Mahina leather.