1. This is my first time using anything like this. I would like to authenticate this bag. I haven't yet picked up my item so I don't have pictures other than what was on the listing. Just looking for an at first glance, best guess from a professional :smile:

  2. The listing lacks the necessary pictures to make a determination. There is a list of required pictures in the first post of this thread.
  3. Urgent! Could you please help out my friend? I'm not sure about this bag, dillon croc embossed. She's looking for the serialnumber tag, what do you think?20170918_215652.jpg
  4. Soooo Freaking Fake!!!!! :cursing::mad: If she bought it, I hope she can return it.
  5. Thnk you for answering. No, she hasn't bought it yet. I was doubting its authenticity because if the feet ( round not flat), the seams, the inside pocket and the seams on the handles. So unlike my dillon. She couldn't find the tag inside either. Thank you so much for helping me out!
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  6. Thanks for the tip to request heat stamps & country tag. Good info to ask sellers.
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  7. It's always good to research a bag you're thinking of buying.
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  8. Hi everyone I have been looking for a Michael kors Cindy's system bag and I've found one but need your help to know if it's genuine iv got these photos please let me know what u think... You have always been great any time iv asked for authentication no one wants to buy a fake xox2017-07-25 16.49.54.jpg 2017-07-25 16.51.42.jpg 2017-07-25 16.51.20.jpg 2017-07-14 12.00.32.jpg 2017-07-14 12.00.01.jpg 2017-07-25 16.49.54.jpg 2017-07-25 16.51.42.jpg 2017-07-25 16.51.20.jpg 2017-07-14 12.00.32.jpg 2017-07-14 12.00.01.jpg 2017-07-14 11.59.17.jpg 0u8 (3).jpg 2017-07-25 16.49.54.jpg 2017-07-25 16.51.42.jpg
  9. Hello & :welcome: to the ATMK thread. I generally ask for members to be active on the site & have a minimum post count of 25 before I evaluate their request. I will review your request but please participate on the site. There are a wide variety of threads to post on besides AT threads. Thank you for your understanding.
    Thank you for the clear pictures. There is a white tag behind the interior made in country tag. I need to see that tag before I can make a determination.
  10. Thank you so much I will Def be more active and I'll get her to send me a pic of the white tag

    Only just seeing your reply now so sorry it took so long to reply to you x
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  11. 2017-09-22+14.50.jpg
    Hi please find attached the tag xx
  12. It's an authentic MK Cindy satchel.
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  13. Wooo hooo I'm so happy thank you so much ... Can't wait to collect it now xox
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