1. I didn't know you were a newlywed pigleto, congrats! And people always need to bother others about something, it seems. There's a great child free by choice thread somewhere in the forum that I'm sure has great advice for how to respond to these questions if they are unwelcome.
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  2. Awww, Congrats!!!
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  3. Wow.

    Just stunning arabesques!

    I love this. It is such a statement piece. How frequently or how differently could you wear it? This is an earnest question. This has always been my challenge with the spectacular pieces so I end up with boring neutrals and boring cuts. Thank goodness for H scarves. .any ideas on changing up such statement pieces?
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  4. Moirai the Hermes cashmere is softer and more luxurious. The design of the coat is also better. The collar car be draped and buttoned in several ways.

    I'm mostly going to wear the collars on my plain white shirt. It's perfect for that. The ruffled collar stands up high enough but not too high. I'll play with the ruffled shirt. I can't remove the ruffles, genie. It would ruin the shirt. But hmmmm... I need a sleeveless white shirt for layering. It's a sin but maybe I'll have my seamstress take the sleeves off. Then I'll have a sleeveless shirt to wear with all of the various collars. I'll have to try it on again.

    Genie, Anne Fontaine cuts well for someone with curves. She is French but spent time in Brazil or the other way around. So she knows how to flatter curves. The price point is fair for the high quality. About $300-400 for a blouse. But some of the styles are crazy. Like all brands you have in inspect quality of each piece and make a judgment.

    For lower priced well fitting shirts to just layer under something the banana republic no iron shirts are a great and very inexpensive. They dressed Robin Wright in these shirts a lot the first season of House of Cards.

    Pigleto I'm sorry. Been there done that. I was getting those comments until I was 47 or 48. I think I snapped at the last person: look I am 48 and it's not happening. The comments finally stopped this year. Maybe I aged a lot in the last year?! I didn't want children. But if someone did and couldn't how awful would it be to hear those comments? Women are very judgmental of each other. I really don't like that and I won't buy into it. We should all be free to make our own choices and we should support each other in those choices. My theory is that the women doing it in some way have a need to justify their own choices in the own minds. It's a variant of the jealousy thing. Or sometimes it's an older person with a narrow mindset. That I let slide of course.

    Ok back off my soap box: yes I thought immediately of the Seinfeld puffy shirt.
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  5. I didn't realize you are a newlywed!! That is so wonderful. You two look so sweet together that I thought you had been married for ages
    Does it bother you when people ask nosy questions like that or do you just ignore them? Hopefully the latter :smile:
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  6. Oh this totally makes sense. I had to go back and read again because I didn't realize at first that you were intending on using the collar on another shirt for a ruffled effect. That's a brilliant idea. So it is like two for one.
  7. Yes the anniversary shirt was just a well fitting plain white shirt with four different collars. This ruffled shirt came with two additional collars. And they are interchangeable. I'll just make this one sleeveless. If anyone needs ruffled sleeves for a flamenco dancer Halloween costume just message me.
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  8. Ooh, have you a link to the anniversary shirt? My google-fu is failing me. I have a longer comment but I know you're running soon. :smile:
  9. Longer comment:

    I bought 2 Anne Fontaine blouses earlier this year, after stalking previous tPF recommendations, and I have some reservations.

    I admit I wore the black Connie a lot, but the random hole by the shoulder after just a few months took me by surprise. I'd understand a loose seam or something, but a hole in the fabric?

    I've also just resigned myself to giving up on the white Christie, with the pretty double collar. The darts come up to right over the middle of my chest and are, um, pointy. (I thought most darts ended under the chest, but the darts seem like they end in the same place in today's cheapo Lee Jeans blouse, yet the effect is round.) This was true for the Connie as well, but less noticeable in black.

    I still like their (more restrained) styles and maybe sizing down (woot!) will help the bustline issue. I just have to be ruthless about returning if they don't work, which I'm very bad at.
  10. Older style. Sold out... more later..,
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  11. Thank you, essiedub.

    I'm not sure I have a satisfying answer—because I tend not to feel a need to wear things "differently." I'm the sort of person who will wear something over and over and over (my weekly laundry pile is proof!), and this jacket falls in that category, rather than statement-piece category. In my mind, it's just another leather jacket, and you can wear any given leather jacket every single day. So goes my rationalization for acquiring it! Changing the bottom will certainly change the feel: slim black pants (like the ones I'm wearing in the photo), maybe fluid velvet trousers, black jeans, blue jeans, dark blue jeans...All that will change it up. A black or gray or white turtleneck underneath. Nothing underneath. Lace underneath. And certainly scarf choice will change things up. I'm still trying to mate an Hermès scarf with it, but a couple of silk stoles from Dries and Lacroix have exciting potential for jazz-venue nights, and a large ivory/black cashmere wrap gives it a fuzzy-warm look.
  12. All are amazing ideas. I can picture them as you describe them.

    Fizzywater, I'm sorry this happened to you with your Anne Fontaine blouse. This is not a common thing. Your blouse must have been defective. I have been buying their products for 10-15 years. I have probably had about 40 blouses over the years, some very delicate. I have never had an issue. Their customer service is excellent. I would have returned it promptly. But I soip at the store so I know the SAs well. That's the part we lose with internet shopping.

    As far as the seams: mine don't do that either. Two possibilities: either it's not the right size or this brand is just not a good fit for you. I'm a bit bad about returning online purchases that aren't perfect too. I'm trying to be better about it. I often wear the Anne Fontaine camisoles under my blouses. They create a nice smooth look. But even without a camisole the seams shouldn't do that on you.

    I sometimes feel lazy that I go back to the same brands again and again but once you find a brand that cuts well for you it's difficult not to keep going back especially when time is limited. I do try to explore new brands when time allows. Sometimes they are a hit and sometimes a miss. It it's a miss I just move on to another brand.

    The anniversary shirt came out last year or the year before. It has a bunch of collar options to change it up. The two collars that came with my new blouse also work with it. I'm going to take the ruffled blouse to the tailor to have her make it sleeveless. The other fun thing about her blouses are the French cuffs and cufflinks, which the anniversary shirt has.
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  13. Pigleto, congratulations!!
  14. PbP, thanks so much for replying! Sounds like I missed out on the anniversary shirt, but it's encouraging that they're continuing to come out with shirts with replaceable collars. I think I'll have to hit the Berlin store and work with an SA. I'm not really seeing anything on the site I'm in love with that isn't last call and therefore unreturnable.

    Oh no, an excuse to go to Berlin!
  15. I am laughing out loud at the image of the mean drunk ex-ballet dancer or whatever teaching wedding couples how to look OK on the dance floor. I think I know some of these people.
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