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    I'm soooo excited I could burst!!:p:cool::biggrin: I hope you all will allow me to share with you the loooong story of my VCA Alhambra earring journey!!

    I picked up the pave earrings today!! My very first VCA earrings (though not my first VCA bling). It took me about a year to make my mind up!! My SA has the patience of a saint!! I initially wanted the Frivoles, went back and forth like a gazilion times, then I wanted the Flower Lace earrings, then went back to the Frivoles. Then, couldn't decide btw the WG and YG Frivoles. Tried on everything they had at the boutique, Vintage, Sweet, Magic, Magic in the 3-motif combo, Pure, even the Lotus earrings (thought I'd be matchy matchy with my BTF Lotus ring), Cosmos, Socrate, Perlee, Snowflakes (yeah, tried on those too, even though I can't afford them, haha) etc etc...You name it, I've tried it... tried every.single.thing at the boutique in different stone combo's but mostly pave.

    So, about a month ago, I was in London visiting family; and of course I had to pop into VCA!! Saw the LE Onyx Alhambra earrings. I was THIS close to pulling the trigger. They looked amaaaazing on, and I especially loved the RG on me. The only 2 things that stopped me were: 1) I'd almost maxed out my CC (oh yeah, did I mention I'd been to Milan prior to London, hehe) and 2) I was put off by the VAT tacked onto the price (I know you can claim back some VAT, but the net price would still have been more expensive than the price where I am).

    I came home and obsessed about those LE earrings. You see, I wear a lot of black and adore RG, so the LE earrings would have been perfect!! However, when I popped into my local VCA, I thought maybe I'd get the Pure Alhambra pave, bc they'd be the perfect size (discreet and yet still plenty blingy), more neutral than the Onyx and a lot easier to match with whatever else I'm wearing. I plonked down a not-small deposit, ordered a new pair and left. A few days later, however, I went back to VCA and thought , just for fun, I'd try on the Vintage ones again (had tried them on several times prior), and BAMM!! I was IN L:heart:VE, instantly, this time!! Funny how that happened!!:biggrin:

    After what seemed a long week, my new earrings (freshly ordered from wherever it was, lol - they'd run out) finally arrived today. OMG, I'm super duper happy!!:cool::heart::smile:

    They're so light and comfy. I'd been rather concerned they'd be uncomfortable. I'd read many times on here about them being heavy, how the clips hurt etc. I haven't felt anything yet. They feel as light as air. The only thing I'd like to change later, though, are the posts - I'd like them longer and perhaps thinner. And I might do something else to make them sit up a bit more upright (I forget what I've read on here abt what you can do, will go back and read again), as they're a teeny tiny bit droopy on the ears.

    Thank you so much if you've read this far:smile:. I'll post pics in the next few days.
  2. I too LOVED the LE black onyx earrings but since I have the pave vintage earrings in YG, I fear I will not wear it as often as the pave ones!

    Congratulations to you! You will love it!
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  3. Congratulations!!! Even though I just bought the LE Onyx, I am seriously considering the pave in yg. Pics please!!!
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  4. Congrats on your new WG vintage pave earrings! I have the YG vintage pave and they are amazing! So happy you found what you love. Also I wanted to tell you to get some Lobe Miracle (photo). They will help with keeping your earrings "front and center"!!!!! I love them.....Thank you TGG for your advice!

    Enjoy your new earrings! Post a photo when you get a chance.
  5. Congrats! Post lots of pictures!
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  6. Thank you so much, kimber. It's super helpful infor.
  7. Beautiful Phoenix! This makes me want to get the WG Vintage pave also! I have to stay away from this thread!
    I love all your pave pieces~
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  8. We all share your excitement for your new earrings! They are beautiful, classic and so easy to wear. You will get many compliments I am sure!
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  9. Congrats Phoenix! A lovely timeless piece that you will enjoy for years to come. Please post modeling pics for us to drool on!
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  10. Wow Phoenix, congratulations!!! :yahoo:These earrings are pure perfection! I think it will look fantastic with your Lotus ring which is also simply gorgeous :heart::heart::heart:
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  11. Congrats! So pretty!
  12. Congratulations on such a wonderful earring! You have such an awesome collection! Enjoy and sounds you had a great vacation! Yay!
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    Thank you, ladies.

    You're all going to laugh at me! I'm exchanging these for the Lotus earrings, small-sized. I didn't think I liked the Lotus earrings bc they drooped on my ears when I tried them on before. Last couple of weeks, my SA gave me a pair of cushion "disc" thingy's and OMG, have they made a difference!!! And they're super blingy whilst not being too OTT like the Cosmos (which I absolutely adore and may end up also getting... eventually...to wear for special occasions).

    I love that these will be matchy matchy with my Lotus BTF ring!!
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  14. Congratulations, I have the pave lotus earrings too!!! I loved them and then didn't love them for a while, and now back to loving them a lot again!!! Not sure, I think I regretted not purchasing the 3 flower Socrates instead but I realized they are really different , and the lotus really area incredibly stunning. I started to wearing them on my days off running errands and I honestly can't get enough of them!

    Oh, and they will look so fantastic with your lotus ring!!!!!
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