1. The 1st photo you posted is bale, not rivet. You can click on my undersigned link to see example photo of rivet.

    Anyway, nothing alarming from what i see :noworry:

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  3. Oh, sorry
    Here's the pic
    Thank you so much
  4. Thank you! I had it returned to Bal in Europe. :smile:
    I'll have it with me in 3 weeks' time.
  5. It's ok. Looks fine :noworry:

  6. Glad that it can be done! :amuse:

  7. Hi friends! Hoping to get some insight on whether or not this bag is authentic:

    Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag black with silver hardware

    Thank you so much!
    IMG_9388.jpg IMG_9389.jpg IMG_9390.jpg IMG_9391.jpg IMG_9392.jpg IMG_9393.jpg IMG_9394.jpg IMG_9395.jpg IMG_9396.jpg
  8. Confirm 2015, regular hardware classic City was still made with metal plates, not sterling silver though....
    bag is fine, no red flag
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  9. Delete
  10. Hello authenticators, could you authenticate this bag for me? Thank you so much

    Item : Balenciaga part time
    Seller : from olx
    IMG_4461.JPG IMG_4462.JPG IMG_4463.JPG IMG_4464.JPG IMG_4467.JPG
  11. thank you so much for helping me!! I've ask the seller for those photos, hope it helps
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  13. @aalinne_72 Thank you so much for the information.