1. I would be as nice as I could be and tell her I'm sorry she is disappointed. Then point out that you feel the bag was accurately described.

    I really doubt your buyer will drop this. She may not realize what she triggered by claiming not as described. However, what incentive does she have to return it at her expense, instead of yours?

    Be prepared for her to escalate. If she does this, you want to make sure that you have presented your case clearly in the messages, so you have a chance that eBay will rule in your favor.
  2. So she sends me multiple messages at a time so I missed several, many including rude comments the worst of which is "I want my refunf you b*tch!!!!" But without the asterisk. Is there any way I can just be rid of this buyer or report her to eBay? I read their policies and they said profanity is not allowed. I'm not sure if "b*tch" is profane enough for them but I'm done with this person. I responded twice already before seeing the multiple rude comments being firm about my description and no return policy and I'm not planning to respond again after seeing her crazy talk.
  3. Hello, I've responded to you both in the post above but forgot to quote!
  4. Thanks, Whateve. I stand corrected.

    @bellebellebelle19, since she's losing control, I suggest you stop responding to her and wait for the ebay case to be escalated (if she does so) or to close (if the escalation times out).
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  5. You can call ebay and tell them about the profanity. It might help your case. Your buyer may not realize that her next step is to escalate, so you might be able to wait it out.
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  6. It's been said before, but shill bidding on an auction instead of using a Reserve or BIN. There is a Blue Metal Edge Balenciaga City on eBay with the top two bids from ID's with 0 feedback and 100% activity with the seller of the bag. Hmmmmm.
  7. I dislike shill bidding as much as anyone else but if you're referring to the listing I think you are, I don't see shill bidding. What I see are newbies (there are actually 5 0-feedback bidders) who don't understand proxy bidding and don't realize that the next incremental bid isn't necessarily going to make them the top bidder.

    To prove my point, go to the bidding history and click on "show automatic bids." You'll see that each bid is placed at the next increment. These are NOT attempts to drive up the price.

    And in fact, only one bidder has 100% of her bids with that seller. And that bidder only placed 1 bid total! So her 1 bid is on that item.
  8. I get you are saying. The bag is fake anyway and has been reported. That could be the reason for the zero feedback bidders. They may be unfamiliar with the details of the bag and think they are getting a good deal.
  9. Hmm, now my buyer is claiming she mailed the bag back. I don't think this woman knows how ebay works. If I get the bag back, I suppose I could just refund her?
  10. I believe you have to. Make sure ebay closes the case after you do.
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  11. IMG_2666.PNG
    Nevertheless, that's what happened. Here's a screenshot of the item at its original asking price..

    I don't know how to find the other messages on the mobile app...but initially I asked if she would consider $110, and she replied that because of fees, $130 was her floor. When she said that, I sent an offer of $130, and BEFORE she replied/counteroffered/declined I noticed I had offered that probably because I had that number on the brain. There's no way I can find on the app to amend your offer; you have to wait for the seller to react. So I was bummed out; then it occurred to me that you can send a plain message anytime. So here's a screenshot of me then messaging her telling her my intent was to offer $140, not $130 and if that number was ok, she could 'counteroffer' 140 or decline me at which point I would offer $140. I believe she chose the 'counteroffer' and I took it as I said I would.
    I mean yes, if she'd said 'it's ok I'll take $130', I wouldn't have fought her! Obviously. But I wanted it, I didn't want her to decline the offer and write me off since it had so many watchers; I just wanted to do the deal.

    Perhaps with the listing number shown there and the full site you can see the whole thing; all I have access to is the app.
    I'm sorry you apparently have had lots of cheap, greedy buyers, but we aren't all.IMG_2666.PNGIMG_2664.PNG
  12. Ah, but see... You didn't actually ask "Whats your lowest." in this situation. You took the initiative of making an offer (that fell into the "a little low, but reasonable ball park" category I mentioned) and she counter offered with her lowest. That's very different than the buyer opening up negotiations with "What's your lowest?"

    And yes, not all buyers are greedy and problematic. But for sellers, its not in their best interest to wade through the swamp looking for a coin, when there are better options available.
  13. Yes, that's so..

    I simply replied with the screenshot because it was implied that I was fibbing that a buyer would offer more than what the seller said was their lowest. It does happen, though sadly reading these eBay threads, it admittedly doesn't seem to happen much. I offered more because there were fifteen watchers and I was hoping to sweeten the pot and close the deal.

    Sellers seem to have it terrible on every selling platform. I will definitely not ever try it, that's for sure. It seems traumatic; you get so used to getting slapped around and backstabbed by morally bankrupt 'buyers' you can't even credit the notion that you might not get shanked every third sale. Yeah, you could 'get out of the relationship' and stop selling, but why should you have to? Why can't people just not be horsepiles to each other?
    I wish honest, profligate spenders for buyers on BeenBurned; she's cool.
  14. Apparently, it worked for both you and the seller because you bought the item and both you and the seller left positive feedback for each other. Congrats and enjoy the Dooney!

    BTW, it's very unusual for a buyer who knows a seller's bottom line to offer more! That was extremely generous of you.
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  15. I learned the hard way that Yankee Candle does not like people reselling their candles. Never mind that this is a discontinued scent that's been sitting in my cupboard for a couple of years. They asserted their 'rights' just after the buyer sent payment. She flipped out and called me a scammer and, frankly, I don't blame her. I would have done the same thing in her shoes. Anyway, I immediately refunded her and she immediately asked if I could sell her the candle anyway. Needless to say, it worked out for both of us but I'm a little ticked at Yankee. Under their interpretation of their 'rights', a person could never resell a car (for example). If I had the time and patience, I'd sue the ever-living crap out of them for tortious interference with a contract.