1. Big {{{hugs}}}} dusty. Thinking of you. :hugs:
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  2. Next month, it'll be three years since Missy went to the Bridge. In December, it's five years since Solly left me. IDK - sometimes it's like the grief hits you like it was yesterday...
    Luckily, I have William on hand to lighten the mood and this morning, we're playing a little game he thought up...
  3. Probably related to our version of What Did I Step In :shocked:
    I know. It was 3 years in June that Boo has been gone. :sad:
  4. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

    I was only thinking of little Boo the other day...
    Some Phillip to make you pheel better. Also some George having quiet time in the spaceship, some Willow, and Livvie and Angel Not Snoodling :biggrin:
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  6. They're all so precious even if they cause a teensy, tiny bit of trouble now and then.
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  7. Find that smell... bwhahahah too funny.

    Kitties are looking happy and contented Clever.... :hugs:
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  8. He had his blood drawn yesterday so waiting on labs. Then if it is ok he will be scheduled next week for surgery and a cat scan. I am so relieved that he has gained back half the weight he lost... thank goodness... Although I could have throttled him tonight weeing all over the shower floor. How can his butt not fit in the litter tray :lol: :giggle:.
  9. Aww poor little man...what a stinker. :giggle:
    Hopefully, he'll feel as good as Georgie once his toofers are sorted out. :hugs:
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  10. Hi all - happy fall and hope everyone is well :smile:
  11. Thinking of you all....

    Bennett finally had his toothe out and is recovering well. Xx
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  12. Hugs and kisses :heart: :hugs: