1. So jealous!!! Enjoy your trip and the wonderful exhibit!
  2. Such a gorgeous bag!!! Enjoy the exhibit!
  3. picked up a few in the Sydney store at the weekend Jadior wallet on chainddddddd.JPG ddd.JPG dddd.JPG dior.JPG dd.JPG
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  4. Waiting for a friend to get his watch repaired at the mall with my Miss Dior Sliding Chain in blu persan. IMG_0561.jpg
  5. Beautiful colour :loveeyes:
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  6. My lovely new Diorama in Indigo
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    So comfy trainers

  9. IMG_4511.JPG
    The subtle pop of color on this grey, foggy Monday is lifting my spirits up.
  10. She is beautiful :tup:
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  11. Thank you hun :smile:
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  12. My heart was set on getting the classic lady dior, but this has made me really want a soft one...
  13. There are pros and cons to both. I don't like the floppy handles due to the less structure nature of the supple. However I enjoy petting my supple Lady Dior a lot. She is a bit on the cuddly side. The straps are amazing as well. Happy shopping!
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  14. Do you find the supple easier to get in and out of? I love the structure of the classic but the opening is very stiff.
  15. It is easier to get in and out of. I was worried about just having a flap for someone used to zippers but I am loving this style.
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