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    It looks to me like something has taken the color out of the leather and the pinky-purple color you are seeing is the undertone of slightly faded black dye. If it smells like perfume, I would guess that perfume spilled inside the bag and the oil and alcohol in the perfume faded the dye; or someone used some kind of solvent to remove the spilled perfume and that had the effect of changing the black dye. That wouldn't bother me at all if the bag is otherwise in good shape.

    H probably won't be able to do anything about it but it wouldn't hurt to ask a craftsman, if you are able to take it to a store that has one available. If you love the bag, the smell doesn't bother you, you got a great price, and are determined to keep it, then just don't give it any more thought.

    Basically, it's economics. Pre-loved bags that have more issues will be priced lower than pre-loved bags that have less issues. Sometimes the issues themselves will be more or less important, or more or less correctable. Smell would be the deal-breaker for me, not the faded dye. But for you (or someone else) that might not matter at all. Just weigh what you paid with the condition of the bag. If you feel that the price you paid is too high for the product you received, then the best thing is to return it because you'll probably always feel slightly taken advantage of. If the price you paid was fair for the current condition of the bag, and you can live with its particular characteristics, then just have fun with your bag and enjoy your good fortune! :smile:
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  2. Thank you :smile: I'm definitely keeping it! The smell has gone completely now anyway (it was only very faint if you stuck your head inside the bag to begin with). I will ask in H next time I'm there probably, just out of curiosity. But I was relieved to see another one with the same pink sheen!
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  3. Yay! Congrats on your new bag! :balloon:
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  4. Does the craftsman ever re dye leather?

    I have a matte alligator wallet I've had for about a year. I've conditioned it with Saphir Reptan, but every time it rips a little of the color dye off. Can they re dye the color to its original?
  5. Yes, I believe that they can. I was told a story by the gentleman who handles repairs/refurbishment at my local H store of a SO croc that had been beaten to heck at a football game (used as a slingshot, beer, nachos, stomped on...you get the picture) and was sent for repair and came back looking like it had never been anywhere near a disaster.
  6. The iridescence film clung to leather is a a surface mounted stain, probably from lotion, oil or perfume like you said. It hasn't absorbed into the leather so why it's visible, I've always had a lot of success using Reno'mat by Saphir via Amazon to remove dirt/stains etc. use a cotton swab in a small area to test it out first but it should work.
  7. Thank you. As I'm not sure it's something on the surface as opposed to being colour loss or some kind of reaction of the black dye I'm going to leave it alone. I'd be scared to do anything that could cause more problems! If I get a chance to ask in H at some point I'll see what they think, but as its not visible in normal use and especially now I've seen another with the exact same thing I'm just going to enjoy the bag and forget about it. I'd never have noticed if I wasn't examining it so minutely! I do appreciate your help though :smile:
  8. Hi all - anyone here know if Hermes will replace the zipper on "silk'in wallet? I have been using mine for years now and it could use a new zipper. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi lovelies! Do you know if anything can be done about the corners of a garden party? The outer "layer" of leather has completely worn through and the interior leather base is peaking out.
  10. I have this bag too and am glad to know the base is double lined! I have seen edge/corner holes like this in other bags that H will patch...they do a good job :flowers:
  11. Does Hermes replace the canvas lining?
  12. Thanks for the info! Do you have any pics or can link me to where you saw the patches? Would love to know how they look and what cost might be.
  13. Yes so long we're willing to pay
    Its costly
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    Hello all,

    I just bought my lindy last month from reseller. I checked everything ok but i didnt pay enough attention of the H zipperstop and yesterday i realized my H zipperstop a little bit dented so i kinda push a little bit and then it broke!! does anyone ever have the same problem with me? Any idea how long to get this fix?

    Thank you
  15. I have a vintage 35 kelly that I have decided I don't need and will sell. But the handle is dry and has just recently come apart from the bag. I have some questions and wonder if anyone can help...

    How much is it currently to replace the handle?

    Is it better to replace the handle than to sell, or should I sell and let the buyer sort out the handle? I would rather just sell the bag as is, but if I am going to recoup the value of the new handle and quite a bit more in the purchase price, perhaps I should consider replacing the handle first.

    Lastly, (and this is not related to the handle) I had the hardware on this vintage bag replaced w silver hardware some time ago. Does it hurt the resale value of the bag to have it be silver? I have the old brass hardware, and also could have it changed to gold if I have the handle replaced before I sell it.