1. Hi all, I am new to Chloe bags but I just love the medium Marcie Bag. It reminds me of my favorite Tory Burch bag I love and wore out. That was then and this is now! Chloe bags are lovely. Unfortunately most are way to small for me and so I keep looking at the medium Marcie Bag. It's three times what my Tory cost and I'm wondering if it's still an "it" bag and would I love it?

    Thank you all for your consideration. Hugs, ~Suz.
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  2. I honestly don´t care if a bag is considered "it" or not. Most important for me is functionality (does it fit my lifestyle) and design. If I love it I use it.
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  3. Marcie has surpassed "it" bag status and has, IMO, become a classic - which makes it a far better investment as a staple piece in a wardrobe than something more trendy. It is my favorite bag that I own.
  5. Thank you for your comment. I guess I hadn't thought of it that way, by it has definitely become a classic. Actually, leaving to look at it at Nordstroms. Now what color? Hahaha
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  6. I recently bought a Marcie because it is gorgeous and everything I needed in a bag as a mother of two kids under two (roomy, indestructible, three ways to carry). I have no interest in "it" bags and agree that the Marcie is a new classic. Plus, I love Chloe. All my Chloe bags have held up beautifully over the years. IMG_20170901_145353_405.jpg
  7. Love the color of your Marcie!
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  8. I have 3....was planning to sell. I love them but I just don't carry them anymore. Then evil bay resale value is so disheartening.