1. Thank you for the pics and all the details about the Sdj baby. That's all what I needed. You are very elegant with your baby and the colour is gorgeous!!! Have a nice day from France :smile:
  2. I love the new Ponthieu PM from LV in taupe. What do you think about those different bags ?:angel:
  3. Thank you! Let us know what you buy. The nano and baby are gorgeous. Try both on in the store and walk around a bit. One may be more comfortable on you or just feel more you. Go with your gut feeling. If not, you'll always think about the one you didn't get. Been there before! France is gorgeous. Was in Paris this summer. Loved it! Let us know what you end up with!
  4. I haven't seen it in person, but the pics look nice. Sorry I'm not much help with this one. I still like the sac de hour better. Just so easy to use. Enjoy the shopping experience!
  5. Thank you for your opinion. I will do what you told me. I will let you know what I will buy. Thank you for the time you took to answer me.
  6. I just saw your post on your gorgeous haul of bags! I love each of them. We have the same taste, as I would buy the same ones in the exact colors! Enjoy them all!!!! They are beauties!!!!!
  7. Thank you! I just got bitten by the YSL bug and now there's no turning back! Yes, I think we do have the same taste. The next bag on my wishlist is a red souple SDJ (either baby or small.... even though the small is bigger than I would ever need, I just don't know if I can justify getting the same bag that I have in gray... but I love it SO much). :heart:
  8. Beautiful colour ? Is it taupe ?
    Thank you
  9. I just ordered the baby same of yours in taupe colour. Very excited !!!
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  10. That color is gorgeous! You will love the bag. The leather is so luxurious and rich looking and the bag is just so easy to wear. A leather cleaner removes any dirt that should appear on the bag from use. Great choice. Take pics when it arrives. Good taste!!!!
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  11. Thank you. I will share pics when I will receive it. I hope to be as elegant as you with the bag. It's so beautiful on you ...
  12. Thanks for your kind words. It will look beautiful on you. It's such a gorgeous classy bag. I love that the Saint Laurent logo is so subtle on it. I'm a teacher and don't like to scream designer haha yet I like dressing nice for work. Can't wait to see you with yours. Congrats to you!!!!
  13. That Sunday seems to be very long... my first YSL will arrive tomorrow !!! I hope I will love it because up to now I was only obsessed by the LV bags with empreinte leather ( I already have got 2 in empreinte). Your history makes change my mind. I'm living in south of France and the first YSL store is 200 km away from me. So wait and see ... very excited.
    Happy you like my country. Sorry for my bad English :angel::smile:
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  14. So excited for you! Can't wait to see the bag! I too, was always obsessed with only LV bags, until I spotted the sac de jour! Immediately fell in love with it and am still in love! Your English is excellent!
  15. Thank you for your empathy. :smile: