1. Item Number: Valentino Rockstud Punkouture Patent Slingbacks
    Dear Authenticator, I purchased this valentino rockstud pair from Century 21. After comparing it with the valentino shoes I noticed several things which seem to be off 1. there is no serial number and size number printed in gold inside the shoes while all the other pairs I have do - not sure whether this is normal 2. the logos at the bottom of the shoes seem off to me - the prints in each line are not aligned (especially the "garavani" print) and the "in" in "made in italy" print seems to be in a higher position than "made" and "italy" prints 3. The stitch at the bottom of one shoe seems to be very rough and bulky. I have included some close-up photos.

    Apologize for the long message. Do you mind authenticating the shoes for me? Thank you in advance.

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG