1. Off to see Josh Groban tonight in Melbourne.
  2. Saw Bryan Ferry at the London Palladium last Wednesday. What a great concert
  3. Paul McCartney in August! I'm taking my dad with me. Can't wait!
  4. Chris Isaak a couple of nights ago in a small venue, he was fantastic!
  5. Aw, lucky! I've seen him twice and he is so great :smile:
  6. I can't say that I attended so many concerts at all but now I try to change it :smile: One of the most impressive memories from this year is the IAMX concert, it was unbelivable! :cool: They sound really better during the live shows comparing to the records (and they're good too), also very professional and fan-friendly guys! :amuse:
    I'm also planning to attend Oomph! and In Extremo concerts during this year :smile: And also I'm hoping to attend one of Ariana Grande concerts, I read on Ariana Grande Space that she's planning to make a tour in 2016 after releasing the new album. Last year I didn't have an opportunity to see her performance live but maybe now I'll do this :rolleyes:
  7. Dolly Parton in June!
  8. Rihanna last month and before that Lenny Kravitz.
  9. Going to see her in October. Super excited!
  10. Nice! It should be awesome!
  11. Kenny Chesney on Friday night

  12. I'm seeing Florence in June, too! Also Thrice, DMB, Bush and Chevelle.
  13. AHHHHHH! I just bought tickets to see Sia in October (Washington DC). I saw her in 2010 at a small venue (930 club for you DC area PFers) and it was so magical - I am so excited to see her again! :yahoo:
  14. That is awesome! I would love to see her!
  15. Beyonce earlier this month...going to the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour this fall! I'm so excited for this!