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About Us

Where are these bags come from?

We get it from OEM factory directly (What is OEM factory, read here), in other word it's replica or facke, but hight quality, 90-98% similar to orginal bag, before cope we will buy one original bag.

Who We Are

We are an experienced and reliable online designer bags merchant who devotes ourself to providing discount designer bags for its pursuers & lovers from all around the world. Starting our trading several years ago, we have already gathered sufficient experience in this sphere and we are currenly providing our customers with meticulously chosen designer bag at greatly discounted prices that will not break your budget.

Our Vision

To be the favourite, fastest and most fulfilling place to shop for designer bags!

  1. Absolutely reliable products with excellent quality
  2. A convenient, safe and trusted shopping experience
  3. Incomparable cheap price on the basis of equality and mutual benefits
  4. Skilled and experienced working team striving to meet all your needs

Handy Online Ordering System

Placing an order on our site is pretty easy and smooth even if you never did this online before. You will receive an email from us when you complete your order. And after we dispatch your order, we will send you a shipping confirmation email including a tracking number which can be used to track the status of your order on the "Tracking Sites" presented on our "Shipping" Page so you could learn where exactly your order arrives.

Delivery Is Fast and Easy-to-track.

We will ship your order via a trackable method within 12~60 hours.

Payment Method Is Safe

We currently accept payment via Credit Cards which is the most secure online payment. 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Where these bags come from?

We has two way to get these bags:

  1. Discount outlet in HongKong.
  2. Our customer or the woner who want sale their bags.

If you have any comment and advice, please don't hesitate to contact us online or email.

welcome to Pandora Bags. Enjoy your shopping now!