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Newest Bottega Veneta Weave Wallet Brick Red Store Online

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Newest Bottega Veneta Weave Wallet Brick Red Store Online

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  • Accessories: Serial Numbers, Authenticity Card, Dust Bag, Care Booklet, Shopping bags
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1971 : Opens first U.S. boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York.

2000 : Edward Buchanan and Manuela Morin depart. Designer Giles Deacon and stylist Katie Grand arrive, bringing London cool to the brand with their first collection (fall 2001) and taking the company in a more trend-driven direction overall.

Gucci Group (part of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, or PPR) bought it in 2001. Tom Ford, then the luxury conglomerate’s top creative light, asked the German designer Tomas Maier—who, despite having worked for ten years at Gucci still described himself as an industry outsider—to engineer a revival. Maier set to work by, straightaway, bringing Bottega Veneta back to its handcrafted roots. Pointedly ignoring the insane popularity of initialed and label-stamped statement bags, at its zenith just then, he introduced the Cabat, a hardware-less, insignia-less woven tote with a price tag of around $4,200. It was wait-listed at every Bottega Veneta store and became the ultimate expression of what Pandora Luxurye called “stealth wealth,” the urge to splurge with a tad more subtlety. “Our customers have a true understanding of quality,” Maier told the Daily Telegraph in 2003. “They don’t need a big logo or a shiny buckle to tell the world what they can afford to buy.”

“When your own initials are enough” is the catchphrase Bottega Veneta coined back in the 1970s, as fashion was caught in the grips of one of its periodic manias for luxury-brand logos. An alphabet soup of letters was being stamped like crazy on all kinds of accessories, especially handbags, but—then, as ever—the Italian leather-goods firm refrained from slathering its wares in B’s and V’s. Instead, its instantly recognizable woven intrecciato look was its calling card.

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