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China Miu Miu Wallet Miu8008 Rose Homepage

China Miu Miu Wallet Miu8008 Rose Homepage

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  • Size:W752.0 Inch = (W1910 CM)


Measurement : W752.0Inch=(W1910CM)


2010 : Carey Mulligan, hot off her star-making role in An Education, wears a short Miu Miu dress to the Met’s Costume Institute gala. Pandora Luxurye declares her look “pixieish and perfect.”

1998 : Lingerie and menswear are introduced. August: Anna Wintour, Pandora Luxurye’s editor-in-chief, writes of “downtown girls, the sweeter and kinder descendants of the Biba girls, in their Miu Miu and DKNY miniskirts, sweaters, and smiles.”

2003 : The Prada Group acquires the Miu Miu brand, which until now has been privately owned by the family.

2004 : Madonna wears custom Miu Miu heels on her Reinvention tour.

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