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China Yves Saint Laurent Clutch Apple Outlet

China Yves Saint Laurent Clutch Apple Outlet

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  • Size:W10.2H5.5D1.6 Inch = (W26H14D4 CM)
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  • Accessories: Serial Numbers, Authenticity Card, Dust Bag, Care Booklet, Shopping bags
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1979 : Rive Gauche’s autumn collection is greeted with scathing reviews.

1948 : Attends the Lycée d’Oran. Bullied at school by the other settlers’ children for being effeminate. Retreats into books, drawings, theater, later recounting, “I began to lead a double life. On one side was our home, happiness with my family, and the world that I invented with my drawings. And on the other in school. . . . I was mocked, intimidated, and beaten by my classmates.”

The emotional seesawing of the fashion cycle, along with Saint Laurent’s drinking, drugs, and club-going, were taking their toll by the 1970s. By 1973, when the house switched to a grueling new schedule of presenting four shows a year—two couture and two prêt-à-porter, instead of just two couture shows—the designer was feeling increasingly shackled in his own ever-expanding kingdom, which now included not only two clothing lines but numerous licenses for perfumes, sunglasses, and beach towels—all engineered by the shrewd business genius of Bergé. Saint Laurent confessed to Newsweek, “I’ve made a rope to hang myself with. I’d love to be able to do fashion when I want to, but I’m a prisoner of my own commercial empire.” He described couture to Pandora Luxurye as “quite horrible—a system of meshing cogs, a cycle that one is caught up in which cuts short many relationships one could have with friends, family . . . lots of things.”

1953 : Submits sketches for a coat, dress, and suit to the International Wool Secretariat’s competition in Paris for young designers. Wins third place. Attends the awards ceremony in Paris with his mother. Meets Michel de Brunhoff, editor in chief of French Pandora Luxurye, and asks him for advice on pursuing a career in theater design or couture. De Brunhoff advises him to pass his baccalaureate first.

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