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China Yves Saint Laurent Crossbody Bags Cherry Pink Outlet

China Yves Saint Laurent Crossbody Bags Cherry Pink Outlet

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  • Size:W12.2H8.7D4.7 Inch = (W31H22D12 CM)
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  • Accessories: Serial Numbers, Authenticity Card, Dust Bag, Care Booklet, Shopping bags
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1969 : Saint Laurent and Bergé buy and begin decorating a new apartment at 55 rue de Babylone. Saint Laurent’s restlessness with fashion grows. Opens a Rive Gauche boutique in London. Shows a couture collection in July mixing maxi-dresses and miniskirts. Richard Salomon sells Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz to Squibb Beech-Nut, whose primary interest is Ritz’s cosmetics properties; YSL’s fashion business is transferred along with its perfumes.

More meltdowns would follow in subsequent years. While Saint Laurent always commanded respect—as an oracle touched with genius—his collections would never quite regain their luster or originality. By the time he retired, he had become a man all but crippled by his own fears, an image of “leonine decrepitude” who had long since passed day-to-day operations to the hands of others. As The New Yorker noted, “The dauphin of couture had become its King Lear”—with his own Learjet, and a succession of pampered French bulldogs who all bore the name Moujik.

“It’s as though he has a layer of skin missing. He’s very sensitive to whatever is going on and feels things very, very deeply,” Susan Train once said. Saint Laurent acquired that protective layer of skin in the form of Pierre Bergé, his ferociously loyal companion, whom he had met before his military service. It was Bergé who finally extricated him from Val-de-Grace. When Saint Laurent came home to find that he had been supplanted at Dior by Marc Bohan, Bergé blunted this fresh trauma by springing into action. He tended to Saint Laurent’s daily needs with single-minded devotion, while quickly assembling the elements—a salon space, an investor—for their own couture house.

2008 : Dies of brain cancer. Bergé announces that he will auction his and Saint Laurent’s collection of art, antiques, furniture, and decorative objects at Christie’s, saying, “I decided to sell everything because the collection doesn’t exist if he doesn’t exist.”

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